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My goal is to help guide you through a difficult time, step by step, giving you the individual attention you deserve.

WHO AM I?  My life's journey has led me to be passionate in helping people find resolution in times of turmoil.


MOTTO.   Do Right, Seek Justice, Defend Causes.  This is the saying I live by.


HISTORY.  I started my law career clerking for the state in juvenile dependency proceedings that often resulted in the termination of parental rights.  Through this experience, I developed a deep sense of appreciation for the family unit.


EDUCATION.   I graduated with a degree in Politics from Willamette University, followed by a Jurisdoctorate of Law from Willamette University College of Law.


ROOTS.  I am a life long resident of Salem, Oregon and a graduate of McNary High School.


COMMUNITY.  Community is important to me.  That is why I volunteer in various organizations throughout the city of Salem.  One of the most passionate non-profits I am involved in is through POLE Gems.  Please visit their Facebook page:

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Integrative approach to your case.

DIFFERENT. I believe in being candid and open with my clients.  I understand that this is your life, your future, and that what happens during this process has lifelong consequences.  I will walk you through the process, step by step.  My goal is to help you understand the process.  Court is scary and confusing enough without adding the stress of not understanding what is happening.

FOCUS.  This office focuses only on family law issues.  


ADVOCATE.  My job is to advocate for you in court.  Someone recently referred to me as the lawyer that takes on a cause.  The dictionary defines an advocate as "a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy."  With each case, this is my goal.


WELL-BEING.   I will encourage you to take care of yourself through this process.  If children are involved, you will find that I am child focused.  I will always ask you if the decisions you are making are in the best interest of your child. My goal is to do no more harm then necessary, because the reality is when there are children involved, you will have many more years of co-parenting.  My philosophy is to be amicable and work to a solution, until that is not possible anymore.  


TRANSPARENT. I use a case management system that allows you to securely login and see what I am working on.  I want to be transparent with you and allow you to have access to my file.

Lisa D. Wright
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